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Ducks vs Geese

Both ducks and geese belong to the same biological family for waterfowl called Anatidae.

Ducks are generally fat birds with colorful feathers such as orange, to green, to black, and to yellow. They have good quality white meat. Some ducks dive to search for mollusks, aquatic plants, and small fishes. They also feed on insects, grasses, small amphibians, and other food. 

Geese, on the other hand, have longer necks compared to the ducks. Like the ducks, they also prefer aquatic environments. Although geese live on aquatic surroundings, they tend to be herbivores. They also have more webbing on the feet compared to ducks. Geese only have a 3 color wheel chart. Their feathers are grey, black, white, or spotted grey, black or white. Geese honk loudly to communicate with others. One more quick fact about geese is that they have strong impulse to return to where they hatched and even as they grow up, they always tend to go back to where they came from.

Here are some more differences and similarities between these animals:


Geese make a honking noise when calling others while ducks make the “quack” sound.

Ducks are physically smaller than goose.

Goose has more web in their toes than ducks.

Ducks nostrils are very high up in their bills while the geese’s nostrils are very low down in their    


Goose are known to be vegetarians, prefers a diet from shrubs and grasses, while ducks eat

insects, fish and even amphibians.

Goose comes under migratory birds category while ducks just stay within a specific area.

Ducks mate only for a season until the eggs are laid and incubated geese mate for life.

Ducks have broad and flat bill while geese, have shorter bills.

Ducks have shorter legs.

A goose has bigger wings to help it fly faster and longer.

Geese are more aggressive than ducks.


People use duck and goose eggs, feathers and meat. 

Ducks and geese are social animals who suffer when they are in individual cages. 

Ducks and geese also suffer when they're not allowed enough water to swim, which they do     

               naturally in the wild.

Ducks and geese on factory farms are raised to be so heavy so they can have more meat.

Ducks and geese can feel pain and emotions just like your dog and cat.

From their livers we can get the "delicacy" known as pâté de foie.

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