English for Agriculture - Beginners and Intermediate

Farm Machinery

It include all machines and implements (tool) used on the farm. Such as tractors, ploughts, cultivators, harrows, seders, sprezers, harvesters, loaders, milking machines, but also trucks, trailers; and even the family car could count as a machine. The tractor is a vehicle usually with a diesel-type engine, 2WD or FWD or a crawler, which is used to supply power to other machines in one of the five ways:

Pulling at the drawbar.

Belt power from the belt pulley.

Rotary power from the power take-off shaft.

Hydraulic power for the use of hydraulic cylinders or other tools.

Electric power when a generator is seated on the tractor.


The drawbar pulls trailers and implements, such as cultivators, planters, or harvesters. The rear power take-off drives implements, such as seeders and sprayer. The hydraulic system uses hydraulic pumps to raise and lower implements, control the plough depth and similar uses. The plough is an implement of different types used to cut, break or to make a soil layer to be prepared for seeding, planting or other agricultural uses. The cultivator is a farm tool used to break the soil surface, to remove the weeds and to stir the soil. Harrows can be used as the cultivator, but also they can level the ground and prepare the topsoil for seeding (sowing). Sprayers can apply chemicals, such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides to the crop stand. Many tools such as mowers, small harvesters, potato diggers or loaders were only moved (driven) by their land wheels but now they are moved from the tractor power take-off. The equipment for a one-tractor family farm usually has one or two ploughs, a cultivator, a set of light and heavy harrows and sometimes also disc harrows, a roller, a seed drill, a fertilizer drill, a grass mover, a tool bar with crop adapters and at least one trailer. The farming system, the organization, management, and the situation of the farm are decisive for how many hectares can be used one machine in a full year’s work, or if contractors’ services, such as farm workers, should be ordered.

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