English for Agriculture - Beginners and Intermediate

Plants and Crops

Andrew is in the shop. He is going to buy some tools for his farm. He meets his friend Ed in the same shop. Ed and Andrew are friends from school. They did not see each other for a long time. They start to talk. Andrew is saying he is a farmer and has a new farm. On the farm he cultivates plants and crops. Ed does not have a farm. He wants to know what can be cultivated in a farm.


Ed:  What do you cultivate in your farm?
Andrew:  I cultivate plants and crops.
Ed:  What is the difference between a plant and a crop?
Andrew:  A plant is a biological organism and a crop is gotten by labor.
Ed:  I am confused. Can you tell me what type of crops do you have in your farm?
Andrew:  I have grains, cereals, and roots.
Ed: What about plants?
Andrew: I grow vegetables like tomatoes, green papers, onions and parsley.
Ed:  Oh I see. And how do you make your plants to grow and to be healthy?
Andrew:  Plants need for their grow sun, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients.
Ed:  How does a plant get nutrients?
Andrew:  A plant takes nutrients in liquid solution.
Ed:  Now I do understand what plants and crops are. Thank you for your time.
Andrew:  You are welcome. By the way, you are invited to come to look at my farm anytime.
Ed:  Great, thank you. I want to come to see your farm.

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