English for Agriculture - Beginners and Intermediate

What is a land?

It can be called also cropland, farmland or agricultural land . A land is an area that is used for agriculture to get food for humans or to raise animals. It is important because it is from where we get food. Think about  how much food you eat a day and how big the human population is and count how much food is needed to feed all of them. This tells us that a land is one of the three most important things in agriculture. The other two are capital and labor. We can find different types of land that are used for different reasons:

Arable land is a land where you cultivate crops.

Pasture land can have fences and is where animals are raised and eat grass.

Orchard is a land with a lot of fruit trees.

A garden is small. It is to grow vegetables or flowers.

Woodland has a woody plants and they are called energy crops.

Fallow land is the one that is not seeded for the season. It is used to let it recover its fertility.

Set aside land is not for agriculture purposes. The government pays the farmer benefits.

Last modified: Tuesday, 24 November 2015, 9:11 PM
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