English for Agriculture - Beginners and Intermediate


It is a farmworker. People who works on the farms as hired hands are called also labor. They can be also family members, but still their jobs is more formal than only a family member who wants to help.  There can be different types of farmworkers or laborers: such as foremen, tractor drivers, dairy cowmen, local, seasonal, stockmen, etc.

Some farmworkers are seasonal and some of them are permanent, depending on where the farm is located. Seasonal farmworker are paid less. Most of the time, farm workers are from different countries or from different cities compare to where the land or the farm is located.

Permanent farmworkers earn more and they have usually appropriate education. These workers are working for example on dairy or beef cattle farms. More experience they have working on the different farms, better salary they can get. There are also farmworkers hired on a contract basis, such as tractor drivers, cultivators and others.

The man day is 8 hours daily and it is used to calculate the farm labor; but also these depend on another factors, such as the weather and the size of the crop.

Last modified: Thursday, 17 December 2015, 11:27 PM
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