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Problems with agricultural land

Nowadays agriculture land is facing many problems. In history, there have been always enough food production to feed humans; but we should be worried about this situation. Two of the most major problems are that we are losing agriculture land and that farmers prefer to produce only one type of crop and raise one type of an animal to save money; so, the variability is decreasing.

Losing agricultural land is a big problem because human population is growing everyday and we are not going to have enough food to feed them if we continue losing these lands. Based on the studies, three million hectares of agricultural land are lost each year. This is also because the soil degrades (soil declines) and cannot be used because soil ingredients move from one location to another caused by wind and water. This phenomena is called erosion. The rest of the lands, we are losing them because people are constructing new highways and houses or shopping malls.

Decreasing variability of animals and crops. In the past, farmers used to grow different types of crops and raised different types of animals. Nowadays it cost them more to do the same as in the past. They earn more money if they only grow a big amount of one type of crop (monocultures). This is better for them because when they harvest, plant, and grow the crops, it is more streamlined. In case of animals, it is cheaper to buy or produce only one type of an animal and also to have only one type of slaughter and processing. Animals, such as pigs, chicken, and some fishes are cheaper to be raised in a factory-style farm. This explains why other types of animals are decreasing.

Three type of the crops that people eat the most are corn, soy, and wheat; at the same time, other type of the crops are used to feed some of the animals. So you see how everything is connected to one another.
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